89516 Yang Healing Blend ‘陽’極能量複方精油 10ml



‘陽’複方精油 這種複方精油旨在幫助身體在陽虛和/或陰盛的情況下調節,這些失衡是由於缺乏能量,例如疲倦、嗜睡、虛弱、聲音微弱等。 在陽虛症中,寒冷的感覺會發生在一個部位或整個身體。 - 動作和構思緩慢 - 內向、抑鬱 - 四肢冰冷,身體或某些部位有寒冷感 - 對熱食的渴望 - 腰痛 - 熱敷后疼痛改善 - 舌頭蒼白 DESCRIPTION This blend has been designed to help us in cases of Yang deficiency and / or Yin excess, these types of imbalances are comparable to those of energy deficiency: tiredness, drowsiness, weakness, weak voice. In Yang deficiency, the sensation of cold occurs in an area or throughout the body. - Slowness of movement and ideation - Introversion, depression - Cold limbs, sensation of cold in the body or in some of its parts - Desire for hot food - Lumbar pain - Pain that improves with the application of heat - The tongue is pale 成份:荷荷芭油*、乳香精油、迷迭香精油、百里香精油、肉桂精油、快樂鼠尾草精油。 INGREDIENTS: simmondsia chinensis seed oil*, boswellia carterii oil, rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil, thymus vulgaris oil, cinnamomum zeylanicum oil, salvia sclarea oil. 如何使用陰陽複方精油: 當選定對我們症狀有功效的複方精油: - 每天在腳底和頸背上塗抹幾次。 - 經常吸入(直接從瓶子或放了幾滴的手帕中吸入) HOW TO USE THE YIN / YANG BLENDS: once the blend useful for our case has been identified: - also apply it several times a day on the sole of the foot and on the nape of the neck. - Inhale it often (directly from the bottle or a handkerchief on which a few drops have been placed)